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Başkan’ ın Mesajı

Başkan’ ın Mesajı


Our dear members, industry stakeholders and all our employees,

As we approach the fourth year of TÜYİDER, I would like to announce that we are entering a new era with the highly participated and peaceful Extraordinary General Meeting we have held on April 1, 2023. We would like to thank you all for the trust you have shown in our new Board of Directors and committees. Leaving its third year behind, TÜYİDER has demonstrated its potential by not only increasing its recognition and influence within the surface treatment industry but by also bringing its initiated projects to life. Although a large duration of our activity was shadowed by the pandemic, we are proud to say that, with your support, we have initiated successful projects and operations in this short time. 

In the upcoming period, in addition to developing our ongoing projects such as the Surface Academy, TÜYİDERGİ and TÜYİOSB, we will carry out effective deeds on matters such as creating a sector inventory, initiating vocational competence, and training programs, recording the oral history of our sector, and developing relations with national/international professional organizations.

As TÜYİDER's embracingness within the industry increases, maintaining communication and cooperation with public institutions, NGOs and universities gain utmost importance.

It is extremely important for the success of TÜYİDER that you, our members, actively participate in the study groups and committees. In addition, with your contributions and ideas, we truly want all our member meetings to have substantial effectiveness, increasing the unity and solidarity within our association and to share further information and experiences on issues concerning our industry. We will be sending all our members a short survey regarding this matter. 

As the Board of Directors, we prioritize to act in accordance with the TÜYİDER Code of Conduct in all our actions and operations, and to ensure that these principles are effective within the scope of our industry. We will act in accordance with all legal and ethical standards, following the principles of transparency, honesty, universal respectability, accountability, fairness, and responsibility.

As we enter this new era, our association will continue to prove itself even stronger. Our common goal is to move both TÜYİDER and our industry to a better place and to work collectively for our objective. Moving towards our goals, your support and dedication will illuminate our path, making our success surely inevitable. 

 May our path be clear for a stronger TÜYİDER in the national and international arena.

With love and respect,

TÜYİDER Chairman of the Board